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Phillip H Miller

About Phillip Miller

About me

By the time I was 22, I had finished college and a masters’ program and thought I was a master of the universe. I learned differently; both of my parents died that same year.  I took on the task of raising my baby sister, working full-time, and going to law school at night.  It sounds awful now, but at the time I didn’t know any better.  My day job was as the Executive Director for Developmental Disabilities for the State of Tennessee. I visited and became familiar with all the state institutions where victims of birth trauma and brain injury were placed and cared for.  I learned that even when much has been taken from them, they are real people, capable of laughter and joy as well as frustration and anger.  I am sure some of those experiences have shaped who I am, and how I approach the practice of law. However I have been influenced over the years, we are an av rated, board certified firm. We are admittedly, un-medicated obsessive-compulsive, workaholic, control freaks. We don’t like to make mistakes, we don’t like to have unhappy clients, and we don’t like to lose. We assume that defense lawyer(s) are as smart as we are, and we try to out think, out hustle, and out work them. Our experience with jury research, and our utilization of case-specific jury studies, allow us to develop strategic discovery and jury communication plans for each case that are focused and pragmatic.  A good result for a client is always worth a lot more than the money

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