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Brandon Eric Bass

About Brandon Bass

About me

Brandon Bass focuses on helping people who have been badly injured or lost a loved one. His core practice areas include products liability, medical malpractice, and trucking lawsuits.


Brandon has significant experience in trucking lawsuits, including cases involving tractor-trailers, buses, and other commercial vehicles. In one case involving a tractor-trailer collision, Brandon helped a two-year-old girl who suffered brain damage, a four-year-old girl who suffered orthopedic injuries, and a grandmother who passed away. Brandon helped a teacher whose leg was amputated as the result of a wreck. In another case, a young man suffered brain damage including the loss of his senses of smell and taste, and another young man suffered three torn ligaments in his right knee. Brandon also assisted a single father who suffered brain damage due to cargo falling on his head. In each of those cases, Brandon helped the victims recover from the person who caused their losses.


Brandon's experience in products liability lawsuits includes industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, automotive and tractor-trailer defects, and defects in construction materials.


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