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Michael Teague Wiser Fort

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  • Do I need a lawyer for a child custody battle I would like to settle outside of court?

    My fiancée took off to Florida with our two children while I was at work. Both of my children were born in TN. My name is on both their birth certificates. I had no idea that she leaving me. I didn't see this coming. This all happened the Thursday...

    Michael’s Answer

    Without question you should immediately file a Petition to Establish Paternity and Motion for Parenting Time. While eventually you may be able to "handle this out of court," it seems as though you need the Court's involvement at this time. The best thing you could do at this point is hire a lawyer at once.

    Good Luck

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  • I've been charged with employee theft in the amount of 1080. What will they do to me?

    First time offender, I wrote a letter of intent to pay, no criminal past, mainly stole items like canned food & toilet paper. Didn't ever take money from the register & didn't do unauthorized refunds/voids. Only merchandise.

    Michael’s Answer

    This is a very easy question to answer. You need to hire an attorney or go to your local public defenders’ office and apply for a lawyer. The possibilities for you now are numerous, ranging from dismissal, retirement, diversion or conviction. However, in order to take advantage and understand the tools available for your defense you need legal representation.

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  • Is a lawyer likely to read a letter from his/her client's wife?

    Is a lawyer likely to read a letter from the client's family prior to sentencing? My brother has been in holding now for six months. He has federal charges for drug conspiracy but his discovery had numerous discrepancies listed. His attorney en...

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    One of the best ways to bring an issue to your attorney's attention is by letter. Not only does it create a record of your issue or request, it also allows the attorney to consider and possible research your issue prior to contacting you back. Thus, you may find yourself very satisfied if you write the letter and get an informed and researched response.

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