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Jeremiah Michael Hodges

Jeremiah Hodges’s reviews

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  • Case closed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by justin.goodwin

    Jeremiah and his staff did an outstanding job representing us in our dispute with one of the big insurance companies. Hodges Trial Lawyers (HTL) did an excellent job preparing my wife for trial and really made her feel comfortable. We won the case and couldn't have accomplished it without the excellent representation of HTL.

  • Professional, Honest and Knowledgable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    Jeremiah did an excellent job of carefully analyzing our case and presenting options on potential paths. He presented us with details on each option that highlighted his in-depth knowledge of Car/Auto Accident laws in the State of Alabama. I would highly recommend Jeremiah Hodges and his firm for anyone who has been involved in a car accident. He is very professional and cares about his clients.

  • great work!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terrell

    Was dealing with an insurance company that would not reimburse for an accident claim. It was settled without incident after the first letter he sent. Called me twice with updates. Awesome attitude and professionalism.

  • caring community involvement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scarlett

    I met Jeremiah at a fundraiser. He went above and beyond just donating to the cause. He was very kind and offered to write an article in his company newsletter to help us spread the word about our cause. Later he called with information on ideas to legal help support our cause as well. He is more than just an attorney. Jeremiah is a man who genuinely cares!

  • Contract Dispute - Failure to Perform

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was referred to Jeremiah by another attorney in Huntsville, with whom I have a long-standing, trusted relationship. Jeremiah represented my company in a dispute that arose following the acquisition of a subsidiary company from the parent company. As a stipulation of the acquisition documents, the Parent was required to deliver certain technology and documentation to the former subsidiary within a given time frame; this requirement was not met, thus making the agreed-to purchase price unsatisfactory.
    Jeremiah prudently gathered all data relevant to the transaction, formulated a strategy to proceed, and quickly put his plan into action. He consulted with cognizant Subject Matter Experts in the technology at issue, gained an understanding of the value that it represented, and we agreed on his course of action. His personal experience and knowledge, and his dogged preparation, coupled with his extensive network of legal/technical experts, provided the perfect combination for a speedy and satisfactory settlement.
    After presenting his data/evidence to counsel for the Parent, they quickly agreed to a satisfactory negotiated settlement; this allowed us to avoid litigation and extended legal fees and time to resolution. It is my opinion that Jeremiah's attention to detail, fact-finding, and preparation at the outset enabled him to negotiate a result that I found very fair, and left our opponent with little cause to protract the proceedings.
    Based on my personal/professional experience with Jeremiah, I would confidently recommend him to colleagues, family, and friends for assistance in areas similar to my case with him. Also, based on this experience, I would also recommend him for cases in any area he and/or his colleagues practice; his talent could easily be applied in any case he accepts.

  • My lawyer for Life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by H. Samuel

    CONFIDENCE in an attorney is critical to successfully presenting a case, thus, how did Jeremiah Hodges earn my confidence? On my first of three occasions of working with Mr. Hodges several significant characteristics were apparent: 1. his sincerity expressed via thoroughness of his inquiries regarding details of my knowledge / viewpoints of the specifics of my case, 2. layout of his process and timelines for identifying appropriate data from multiple sources; hospital, eye witnesses, defendants personal job history/background and case history, defendant's employer history of its involvement in similar cases, 3. Research of Alabama case law specific to my case to include review of that law with me followed by discussions of alternative strategic approaches to development of my case, 4. his recommendation supported by what I judged to be sound rationale for a specific approach indicated a thoroughness in thinking-through the dynamics of my case, 5. his development of a tactical step-wise process of educating me regarding expectations of the defense attorney's tactics; intimidation, pregnant-pauses during deposition phase questioning designed to elicit rash defensive responses from me which may provide advantage to the defendant, instruction to me regarding timing of my responses to ensure my countenance appeared truthful, confident and in-control.

    INTEGRITY; this word has a significant meaning for me; it defines a character trait which I have admired and have attempted to replicate in my life. During our first meeting, Jeremiah highlighted to me that his practice of law in this specific geographical area was a life-long pursuit for him...and that he intended to demonstrate himself as a man of integrity. Such a reputation is earned over time and for Jeremiah, professionally it must be earned within the complex legal arena; the judicial system, professional peers / organizations and with clients. The fact that he broached this subject indicated he was a man seriously pursuing the ideal of a life of integrity; Jeremiah's position on the matter is a major reason he is my attorney for life.

    There is no good substitute for AVAILIBILITY when a client perceives an urgent need for immediate discussion with his attorney. Jeremiah Hodges never failed to answer my calls within a reasonable time frame even when he was out of town. His demonstrated dependability increased with every occurrence of an impromptu or a previously scheduled meeting. Jeremiah was attentive to my concerns, never impatient, and always provided advice that was understandable to me.

    COMMUNICATION: It is important for a client to understand what the attorney is attempting to share. Effective two-way communication cannot occur if concepts and language being shared is not
    understandable to the client. On numerous occasions Jeremiah has sensed the need to explain to me in "normal" language certain legal terms and concepts. His willingness and ability to educate and inform me is a task at which I know Jeremiah excels. We communicate well, he does not "talk over my head" and this is another key reason that Jeremiah will be my attorney for life.

    Jeremiah Hodges has represented me on several types of cases; all outcomes have been successful.

  • Be afraid, be very afraid...this lawyer is awful!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Janet

    He dropped me after over a year of trying to get this case taken care of. The only time I met with him was the first visit and I specifically asked him if I needed a lawyer? He told me YES and he would go all the way to trial if need be. Today after the insurance company finally answered back and said they would not make an initial offer, he dropped me as a client! I believe he is a coward and will only go to court if it is 100% sure he will make tons of money. All he had to tell me from the beginning is he would not take my case instead of making me wait over a year while he was too busy to return my calls! As his assistant Ruth told me, he was busy with someone else's case! Now I have all these medical bills that I wouldn't have if he didn't tell me to keep going to the doctor. Trust me, he's not worth it!! If you have to settle your case on your own...this way you will at least get something for your accident!

    Jeremiah Michael Hodges’s response: “Janet, I would like to apologize to you that we let you down and were unable to help you in this matter. We pride ourselves on keeping clients informed and knowledgeable about their case. We investigate every case to determine the merit of the case and we seek to get a fair resolution. If we cannot resolve a personal injury case without filing suit, we carefully consider the elements that we must prove to a Jury and the anticipated evidence to determine whether or not a lawsuit is viable and appropriate. Unfortunately, there are some situations where, based on the evidence and the law, we do not believe a lawsuit can help because the chances of recovering damages are very slim. It is always disappointing to us when these situations arise because it is a difficult decision for us to decide to not file suit. We are dedicated to representing all of our clients to the best of our abilities and consider all of our client’s cases equally important. We strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.”
  • I felt well-represented with Jeremiah Hodges beside me.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    Mr. Hodges was always very professional and kept me very imformed on changes in my case. If he didn't know answers to my questions he researched it right away. I feel like we received the maximum payout we could get and i would recommend him to anyone. I never felt intimidated or judged by him or anyone in his office like I have with other attorneys. If I need to, I will use his services again. .

  • JMH Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave

    Outstanding representation - made the plantiff look like the ass he is.
    Cross examined their "expert witness" and got him to admit that he (the expert) would have done what the plantiff failed to do.

  • A great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janice M.Finley

    I can not tell you how what a great job Mr. Hodges has done for me and is doing even now. was a headache for both Mr Hodges and me.
    It took about a year and still not completely settled.

    Never had I been involved in a court case or dealt extensively with lawyers before.

    He and Mr Cole were there for me anytime. I know I asked him so many questions, and each time, he answered them honest;y and explained everything thoughly. I do not even know what I would have done without him. He is God's blessing and I am very grateful for all the hard work, and many headaces he had . Thank you!!
    I have and will continue to recommend him as a great lawyer and a good man.