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Finley v. Byrd and State Farm Mutual General Insurance Company

Case Conclusion Date: 04.22.2010

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Settlement for $255,000.00

Description: We had the pleasure of representing Janice Finley, a lady who was seriously injured because of the negligent conduct of another driver. Once we met Ms. Finley, we filed suit against the tortfeasor (the lady who hit our client) and our client’s underinsured insurance carrier State Farm. The case was vigorously defended by Ellen Melson and Thad Wheat of Wilmer and Lee. Ms. Finley suffered a horribly painful compound fracture to her left ankle which required two (2) different surgeries to correct. In addition, we argued that the wreck in question either caused a new back injury or exacerbated an old back injury. The back injury was hotly disputed and we were able to gather enough medical evidence to convince the insurance companies to get the case settled. Although we were anxious to try this case in front of a jury, our client was thrilled to get it settled.

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