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Douglas C Martinson II

Douglas Martinson’s Legal Guides

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  • Social Security Payments in the Event of a Death

    SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: WHAT TO DO WHEN A BENEFICIARY DIES In June of 2010, 7,837,400 people in America were receiving social security benefits. This is 200,000 more people receiving these benefits than the same month a year earlier. With the number of individuals receiving...

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  • Administration of an Estate where there is no Will

    WHAT HAPPENS TO MY ASSETS If someone dies without writing a Will, they have died intestate. Each state has specific laws governing the distribution of assets when a person dies intestate, and most laws are generally the same. The laws of Alabama are shown below, but you should ...

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  • Probate of a Will in Alabama

    PROBATE OF WILLS WHAT DOES PROBATE OF A WILL MEAN? Probate of a Will is proving the Will is valid and the administration of an estate to insure that all of the assets are collected and disposed of properly, according to the terms of the Will. It is the Probate Judges and the Pe...

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  • Steps and Things to Consider in Executing a Will in Alabama

    Making a Will in Alabama GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT WILLS WHAT IS A WILL? A Will is a document that provides the manner in which a person’s assets will be distributed when he/she dies. A person who d

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  • Conservatorship and Guardianships in Alabama

    GUARDIANSHIP What is a Guardianship and what is a Guardian? In Alabama, a Guardian is a person who has been appointed by the Probate Court to manage and handle the personal welfare decisions, health care decisions, and lifestyle decisions for an incapacitated person or minor. A ...

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