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Juliet V. Edmundson

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  • 11 Reasons You Should Have a Will

    Ability to Choose Your Beneficiaries A will gives the testator (the person making the will) the ability to choose how his property is disposed of upon his death. Ability to Select the Executor(s) or

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  • Recent Supreme Court Ruling on Dischargeability of Student Loans in Ch. 13 Bankruptcy

    Rule 60(b)(4)'s Applicability 1) Rule 60(b)(4) allows a party to seek relief from a final judgment that "is void," only where a judgment is premised either on a certain type of jurisdictional error o

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  • Preparing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

    Documents to be Gathered by the Debtor Prior to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy • 6 months of paycheck stubs from the debtor • Copies of titles to all motor vehicles • Recorded Mortgage and Deed for al

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  • Property Subject to Government Forfeiture under 21 U.S.C. §881 (a)(6) & (7); Bob's Having a Bad Day.

    Bob's Plan... A man, who I will call Bob, decides that he is going to remove his savings from his bank account and place it in a fireproof safe in his home. Bob makes his decision to place his money

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  • A Comparison of Statutory Exemptions Available to Debtors in Bankruptcy (Georgia and Alabama)

    Annuities, Assistance to Blind and Disabled, Public Assistance, and Fraternal Benefits Societies (Georgia & Alabama) 1.Annuity and endowment contract benefits (Ga. Code Ann. § 33-28-7) ; Annuity con

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  • You’re Going to Need an Expert Witness- Seven Ways to Reduce the Costs of Hiring an Expert Witness

    Negotiate and execute a retention agreement with the expert witness 1) Make sure to negotiate and execute a retention agreement with the expert witness. Such agreement should contain a litigation b

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