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Paula Coleman Greenway

Paula Greenway’s Legal Guides

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  • Timing Bankruptcies and Discharges

    A Guide to the Timing of Filing of Bankruptcy for Proper Discharge Timing: Timing Bankruptcies and Discharges Properly There are times when a person may be unable to escape financial problems after a

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  • Re-establishing Credir After Bankruptcy

    A common concern for many people going through bankruptcy is whether they will be able to reestablish their credit after the bankruptcy process has concluded. While this may seem like a dangerous thing for someone coming out of bankruptcy, debt is a practical part of modern life ...

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  • 3 Things Students and Graduates Should Know about Bankruptcy

    When a student first enrolls in school, they may be excited about the prospects of new opportunities and a bright future. However, as the financial realities of the modern world sink in, this happy picture can become bleak. Tough job markets and thousands of dollars of student lo...

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