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Carol Lynne Zimmerly

Carol Zimmerly’s Legal Guides

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  • Florida: Delivering a Pay or Quit Notice

    How to deliver the notice to the Tenant in the proper way. Refer to your written agreement, if you have one, to follow the obligations in it. You must make certain that the notice is delivered prope

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  • Florida: Preparing a Pay or Quit Notice

    Simple list of how to properly prepare a Notice to Tenant to either Pay the Rent OR Quit / Vacate the Premises. These instructions will help the Owner or Owner's Agent to write a legal "Three Day Not

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  • Florida Three Day Notice: also known as "Pay or Quit Notice" for Residential Tenancy

    I am often asked for tips on how to prepare an effective, legal "Pay or Quit Notice" in the State of Florida. Following these tips may save a Landlord from having the eviction lawsuit dismissed for having a defective Notice.

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