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Afram Malki

About Afram Malki

About me

Attorney Afram Malki grew up in Tampa Bay and has called it home for approximately twenty-five years. Mr. Malki still keeps in touch with his childhood friends and has never burned any of his bridges. His friends and clients have accumulated significantly over the years. During the  first couple of years of practicing law, Mr. Malki never advertised or asked for a client and instead was always referred clients by the friends he has made over the years. Now that his business has grown to being one of the bigger law firms in town, you may see his face in the newspaper or on a billboard as you are driving around town. Mr. Malki is always eager to meet and help as many people as he can which is why he is always accepting and going out of his way to speak with as many clients and potential clients as he can. Mr. Malki is one of the few attorneys in the Tampa Bay area who makes home visits and is willing to meet new clients anywhere they chose including on weekends.


Mr. Malki graduated law school with his Doctor of Jurisprudence / Juris Doctor from Barry University School of Law in the top of his class. Mr. Malki's success in school came from his eagerness to learn everything there was about the law rather than just pass his classes. At Barry Law, Mr. Malkii participated in many mock trials which is why within just two months of being a lawyer, he successfully took on a full jury trial on his own. Mr. Malki has always welcomed trials and has successfully completed more trials than many other attorneys who have practiced law for several decades. A person would not have to speak with Mr. Malki very long to see that he is more than capable of settling cases without the need of trial.


Before attending law school, Mr. Malki received his Bachelor in Business from the University of South Florida. While receiving his bachelor's degree, Mr. Malki helped out with his family's businesses and often times worked over seventy hours a week while taking full time courses at the University of South Florida. Before attending  the University of South Florida, Mr. Malki went to East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, FL where he played high school football under coach Bob Hudson. Mr. Malki played football his entire life and that is his favorite past-time and biggest passion outside his strong Christian faith, his love for his family, and his obsession with the law.



Above all, Mr. Malki prides himself with his friendliness and his humbleness. Mr. Malki invites anyone to reach out to him and he will always reach back if he isn't already reaching first. Mr. Malki started The Malki Law Offices, P.A. not just to earn a living, but to truly help people out so everyone needs to take advantage of his services and ask him for help whenever they need it.

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