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Martin Macyszyn

Martin Macyszyn’s Legal Guides

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  • The New 2013 Personal Injury Protection Statute (PIP Series 3 of 3)

    Now, whats changing in the Personal Injury Protection world come January and why you should care? Previously, the only time an injured individual had to meet any type of threshold was when that injured person was suing either the adverse party or their own insurance company for ...

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  • What is Personal Injury Protection? (PIP Series 2 of 3)

    Personal Injury Protection benefits will pay 80% of medical bills that are reasonable and necessary and/or 60% of lost wages up to $10,000 as a result of an accident involving a motor vehicle. Remember, you dont actually have to be driving or even in a car to be eligible for Pers...

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  • Why is Florida a No-Fault State? (PIP Series 1 of 3)

    In the 1960s, insurance companies were bombarded with lawsuits by individuals that sustained injuries as a result of an automobile accident. Back then, the person suing for injuries didnt have to meet any type of threshold as to the injury itself. Meaning, a person could sue for ...

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