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Thomas S. Hudson

Thomas Hudson’s Legal Guides

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  • Six Steps to Avoid a Bad DUI Lawyer-Revised

    Six Crucial Tips to Avoid a Bad DUI Lawyer by Tom Hudson Admit it. You really dont like lawyers anyway. But there is no feeling worse than discovering that the lawyer you trusted just wasnt up to the task. And of course, you'll never find that out until after the damage is done. ...

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  • The Double Disadvantage of the Female Drinking Driver

    Tammy Wynette put it best: "Sometimes it's hard to be a woman..." That is especially true in the arena of DUI law. A female behind the wheel after a couple of drinks is at a double disadvantage compared to her male counterpart. The first disadvantage is obvious. Men are genera...

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  • How Florida DUI Cases Work

    The Administrative Process If you refused your breath test, or if you took the test and tested higher than .08, your license is automatically suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may

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  • Boating Under the Influence in Florida

    Can I Really Get a DUI on my Boat? Boating Under the Influence, or BUI is a real crime. BUI arrests may be made by the Coast Guard, city police, or Fish and Wildlife officers. Regardless of the arr

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  • The True Cost of a DUI Conviction

    Many of the legal consequences of a DUI conviction are well known: Jail, fines, suspension and the revocation of driving privileges. But DUI is an iceberg, and its vast bulk lies hidden from view. The unspoken costs of a DUI conviction can range from freedom to money to the very right to travel.

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  • Five Tips to Avoid a Bad DUI Lawyer

    Spend at least as much effort to find your lawyer as you would to find a barber. If you moved to a new city, you would probably ask around before you chose a barber (or a hairdresser). At the very le

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  • The Six Secrets of the Intoxilyzer--What the Police Don't Want You to Know!

    Secret No. 1. The Intoxilyzer 8000 is the official breath test instrument of the State of Florida. The police will tell you that it is "tried and true." However, in the computer age, "tried and tru

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  • How to Keep Your Florida Breath Test From Being Used Against You

    The Machine is Calling Me a Liar? There are few feelings more depressing than believing you are under the limit, cooperating with police, blowing into the breath machine.... and being told that

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