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Peter D Aiken

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  • A first-rate sex crime attorney, when only the best will do...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ralph

    Peter Aiken is an attorney at the top of his game. He is very smart, clearly knows what he is doing, and is a consummate professional. Plus, he is also a good, decent, compassionate man.

    He represented my father in a sex crime case with two charges (sex crime cases are some of the hardest out there, by the way. Very often coming down to he said/she said with the onus on the accused to prove their innocence).

    The first charge against my father had a mandatory 15 year sentence in prison. My father was 85 years old at the time and that would have been equivalent to a death sentence for him.

    Because my father lives out of country, he was essentially denied bond leading up to the trial. Clearly, at 85 years old, jail is not the healthiest place to be. Because of this, not only did Mr. Aiken elegantly defend my father, but he kept the case moving very quickly. He went from arrest to trial in less than 6 months. If you know anything about the courts, this feat, in itself, is near miraculous.

    Mr. Aiken kept a full court press on the prosecutor throughout the entire experience. During the trial itself, she looked like an amateur next to Peter.

    The case was resolved with the jury choosing the second charge and the judge sentencing my father to 8 months in jail, with 6 months basically already served.

    From what I could tell, no sex crime charge is a slam dunk case. There is a lot of bias and stigma attached to even being accused of such a crime. With this being said, Mr. Aiken took a case that could have easily ended up with my father dying in jail and he secured his freedom in record time.

    To go from a felony charge with a mandatory 15 year sentence to a misdemeanor charge with an 8 month sentence was absolutely amazing. And, as amazing as it is, with hard work, great command of the law and a highly strategic mind, Peter almost made it look easy (though none of us really took a breath until the jury returned its verdict---because with a jury you just never know).

    From the start, Peter said jury selection was one of the most critical aspects of a trial like this. He not only aced that, he pretty much aced every move he made building up to the trial and in the courtroom itself.

    I give Peter Aiken my highest recommendation. He essentially saved my father's life. And, as I inferred earlier, he's also one heck of a nice guy. It is actually a pleasure to know him. He was more like a concerned member of our family or a close family friend, than simply the best attorney we could have possibly chosen.

    While he may not be the cheapest, his fees are reasonable considering his excellence, expertise and the results he delivers. If you or anyone you know is facing sex crime charges, and only the best will do, Peter Aiken should be your obvious choice.

    Incidentally, if Peter can get results like this with a sex crime, I would trust him regarding any serious criminal matter. I can't imagine you could find better representation than Mr. Peter Aiken.

    Hired attorney
  • Mr. Aiken is extraordinary

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My experience with Mr. Aiken started after an arrest on very serious charges with little merit. Mr. Aiken was completely supportive and uncovered many errors by law enforcement and even the United States Armed forces. He did not hesitate to use their own policies and guidelines against their case and ultimately won my freedom that was unconstitutionally taken away from me. For those searching for a lawyer, I endorse Mr. Aiken 110% for even those facing less serious circumstances.

  • Best Internet Sex Sting Defense Attorney Around

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RickTrapman

    Peter is a brilliant internet sex sting defense attorney who has an excellent winning record. He is the best that many defendants have seen and had who were entrapped by the ICAC Task Forces and he know how to design an effective defense strategy to prove to the Courts and Prosecutors your innocence due to entrapment via "Bait and Switch" tactics. You will not find a better defense attorney that clearly understands these types of stings and how they are being illegally conducted. He is not afraid to take our case to trial and will be more than prepared to defend you. He is as well not afraid to graciously embarrass the Chatters, their Supervisors, and the entire operation as well as the Prosecutors to present your innocence to the Court and if need be to the Jury. His diligent effort during the legal process has forced many Prosecutors to seek to offer excellent none sexual offenders pleas that also do not include Department of Corrections time, or sexual offender registry.

    Again, Peter is and needs to be your criminal defense attorney if you are arrested in one of the ICAC Task Force's internet sex sting operations. You will not be able to hire anyone better.

  • Excellent Attorney & Person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heath

    The need for an attorney is typically never an exciting time for anyone, but when the situation arises and you find someone who truly is committed to serving the greater good for the people it says a lot not only about them as a professional, but as a person. Mr. Aiken is a person who is extremely knowledgeable about what he does, has a passion for what he does, and does so in a manner that never makes you as a client feel unclear, uneasy or uninformed.

    This man went above and beyond in helping my family and we are forever greatful for having him represent us.

  • Overall excellence!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Easy to speak with, great listener, understanding, polite, respectful of me(client), excellent follow-up, returns calls and emails, just a really pleasant and competent attorney

  • Outstanding person, outstanding Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    Thorough, no-nonsense, "cut-to-the-chase" style of representation won me over and gained my admiration and utmost respect. This man is the kind of Attorney that you want, and certainly hope to get, should you ever find yourself in a criminal defense situation. I recommend him very highly.

  • The only cause worth fighting for is a lost cause.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    That I chose Peter to represent me in my case proved to be infinitely wise; I was charged with a violation of probation (on community control and wearing GPS monitoring equipment) The State Attorney in this case was insistently demanding a very long prison sentence that was substantially more than the sentencing guidelines called for. I actually worked on a similar case, as paralegal to a lawyer. Sadly, that case ended in tragedy for the client and his wife and family: he is 70 years old and in very poor health, with a release date of 2026. What did he do? He violated a hyper technical rule of Probation and GPS monitoring. There was no victim, and no harm done to anyone or anything. That case is heartbreaking to me personally: he and his wife are my best friends of many years. So, I am well versed in the Florida laws and cases relevant to Probation and Community Control. Before retaining Peter, I had two other lawyers on this case. There expressed intentions were to seek a "favorable deal," wherein I would plead guilty to a Violation of Probation in return for a lesser prison sentence. I had done nothing wrong, and in fact was extremely conscientious in obeying the rules, as I had already served a very lengthy prison term and another would be my ruin; I'm 64 years old and have an otherwise good life. I then began a search for a great trial attorney who specialized in criminal defense, a lawyer who would believe in me and fight for my freedom. I didn't have to look very far; i knew some men in the jail, right in my dorm, who had retained Peter They not only spoke highly of his legal defense skills, which are of course paramount, but also of his respect and compassion in helping their families understand his strategy in their cases and eased their trouble minds a great deal. Finally, I called Peter. He zealously, and intensely, defended me, and gave me my freedom back. He was very reasonable with his fee and allowed me to pay in installments that I could afford; I got a million dollar defense. His painstaking preparation laid the foundation for a stunning courtroom performance that relentlessly decimated the state's case and his cross examination of their witnesses, one a highly touted expert in the field of GPS monitoring, was nothing short of brilliant.
    The judge was smart and was fair, he listened and was intent on getting to the truth of the matter: Peter got him there.
    While I was in the county jail for three months awaiting the hearing, I saw countless prisoners who were also in there for alleged violations of probation and/or community control, many of them petty
    and even nonsensical; still, I saw them violated and sent to prison. In my case, the state attorney felt she had a good case, with seasoned witnesses and multiple examples of alleged violations. The truth is that I had not violated the terms of my probation, and in fact I was quite consciousness in obeying all of the rules. Nonetheless, I found myself being arrested, with no warning, and thrown into the county jail for almost three months awaiting a hearing. If you find yourself caught in this trap, and you value freedom, you must obey all the rules, first of all, and if you nonetheless end up in jail facing prison, choose your lawyer carefully. That choice will change the course of the rest of your life-for better or worse. My choice was Peter D. Aiken, and always would be.

  • Lewd Crimanal Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shane

    After getting arrested for a crime I didn't commit. Peter was able to get the DA's office to drop the investigation and didn't have to go to court. Peter also worked with me and my family with payment for his services. I would recommend this person to anyone who has been charged with a sex crime and did not commit it!!

  • Peer Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael D. Gelety, Esq.

    I worked with Peter Aiken, and tried several cases with him over a thirty year period, and he is one of the elite attorneys in the country. Peter's background as a forensic accountant, IRS Special Agent and Assistant United States Attorney makes him virtually unstoppable on complex tax and "white collar" crimes. No prosecutor or teams of prosecutors will ever have a better working knowledge of the facts of a case, and no one is more prepared -- and Peter brings this preparation to life in front of the jury with wonderful trial skills. Peter Aiken is the ultimate professional and a gentleman, consistently cutting the heart out of the prosecution's case without cutting the heart (or pride) out of the prosecutor. Pete Aiken is as honest and fair with his clients as he is determined in their defense. I would recommend Peter to anyone accused in a criminal case, Federal or State, and would encourage taking any steps necessary to have Peter as your lawyer.

  • honest and hard working

    5.0 stars

    Posted by robert

    mr. aiken was very knowlegable and stood by me all of the way through the legal process.kept me informed and made me feel at ease.i would recommend him and his staff to any one looking for an honest hard working atty.