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Scott Edward Gordon

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  • How to fill out quit claim deed after husbands death?

    I found a quit claim deed form in the computer. I took it to the courthouse but they told me the "wording" is all wrong??How and where do I find the correct quit claim deed to remove my deceased husband's name from our home's warranty deed? I al...

    Scott’s Answer

    There are any number of reasons that the clerk at the recorder's office would not accept the quit claim deed. As a previous response noted, that quit claim deed may not have to be filed. I'd also suggest contacting an attorney that has some expertise in real estate law to discuss this matter. You may find out that you do not need to take any further action and that recording that quit claim deed (or any other document) is not necessary.

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  • Do I need a lawyer to probate my brother's estate?

    My brother died two moths ago in an accident left no survivors wife or children. My mother received his life insurance, but i was just notified that 25,000 will go to his estate. My brother lived in Orlando, my mother lives in Puerto Rico and I l...

    Scott’s Answer

    Please accept my sympathy on your loss. Even in an estate such as this where summary administration may be available, an attorney is usually required to file the appropriate pleadings.

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