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Donna Irvin Sobel

About Donna Sobel

About me

I am often asked what influenced my decision to practice in the area of Elder Law.  The answer is very simple.  In 1990, my 80 year old father suffered a devastating stroke that left him unable to move, speak, swallow, or think.  Prior to this stroke, my father had refused to consider the fact of his own mortality.  He had neither planned for a possible incapacity, nor for his eventual death.  Because he had no advance directive regarding the administration or withdrawal of life-prolonging procedures, he was placed on a feeding tube and transferred to a nursing home.  At that time, I was working as in-house counsel for a bank and had no idea how to go about helping my parents with their elder law issues.  I made it my goal to become not only educated, but proficient, in this vitally important legal practice area.


In 1991, I left the bank and opened my own practice, concentrating exclusively in the areas of Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Probate, in order to assist others who, like my own parents, need help navigating through difficult and emotionally charged issues.  Over the past 20 years, it has been my privilege to meet and help thousands of local families who felt overwhelmed when faced with nursing home expenses and the problems of meeting the needs of their loved ones who were in situations similar to that of my father.  I take pride in providing solutions to the problems of seniors and their families in a competent and caring manner.

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