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Kennedy Legler III

Kennedy Legler’s Legal Guides

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  • What You Should Know About Obtaining Compensation for Your Personal Injuries

    Evaluating Your Claim To determine whether you have a claim, your lawyer will consider whether another person's conduct wrongfully caused you any loss. There are three kinds of wrongful conduct: 1.

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  • Involved in an Accident? Follow These Steps to Ensure Your Rights are Protected.

    Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a very frightening experience that can certainly shake a person up. The guide that follows will give you a few simple steps to remember to do should you become involved in an accident.

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  • Whether an Injured Worker's Condition Restricts Him/Her From Engaging in Being Gainfully Employed

    Whether a claimant is working and whether such work is considered substantial gainful activity. If you are working on the job while you are injured, and the work you are engaged in is considered by l

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