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Christopher Hayden Brown

Christopher Brown’s Legal Guides

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  • Forfeiture- What is a "Notice of Forfeiture" and what can I do about it?

    The Federal Government invented the concept of trying to take the belongings of criminal defendants and make them its property. The Government passed statutes that made the proceeds of crimes, or items used to commit crimes subject to "forfeiture." The idea was that, yachts, pl...

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  • If I am arrested, how do I get out of jail until my trial?

    Bonds are not supposed to be punishment, although they are sadly often used that way by some misguided judges. They are supposed to be a financial guarantee to make sure you return to court and that you are not a danger to the community while out awaiting trial. Bonds require t...

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  • I Got Arrested for a Florida DUI. Will DMV Take My License Like the Cop Said?

    What is an administrative suspension and how does it effect my criminal charges? Administrative suspensions are separate and distinct from criminal cases. If you blow over .08 or you refuse to blow,

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