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  • My name is Jim,I am a retired NY firefighter.My wife of 16years and I have been sperated for 10 mo during are marriage I paid \

    the cost of her health Ins but the last two year she has paid her part 180.when she move out 10 mo ago she stop paying and I have contined to pay it.How do I get my money Back? And how do I get her to start payin again.....Thank you

    Reuben’s Answer

    Generally, I agree with the prior answer. The state imposes a public policy that one spouse has a duty to support the other. Unless you and your wife have a written agreement that says she owes you her share, then you won't likely get it back. The only way to end that obligation is to file for and obtain a divorce (which may or may not have other financial ramifications based upon the other facts of your marriage).

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  • Divorced 2006 Two vehicles were to be refinanced and retagged in sole name of driver of vehicle. Ex husband has never done this

    Ex husband is in contempt of divorce 2006. Amendment added that the vehicle one is in possession of must refinance and re register vehicle. I did with my car. Ex husband never did this from 2006. My credit is ruined and repo is in the treat st...

    Reuben’s Answer

    You should not take the vehicle from his possession, unless you meet with an attorney to discuss this issue. If you do so, your ex-husband may report the car stolen, and that won't help anyone. You should see an attorney to review your possible remedies, which MAY include (but meet with an attorney to verify you can get) damages for injury to your credit, indemnification, and possibly contempt and attorney's fees.

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  • My wife and I are not legally divorced, can she move out of state with my son without consent?

    We do not have any custody filings with the court, and at this time are still legally married but live in seperate locations in the state of FL (inside 50 miles of each other),

    Reuben’s Answer

    I disagree, slightly, with the other answer posted.

    If you have not filed for divorce, she can relocate and the issue then becomes, can you get an order requiring her to come back. The criminal kidnapping law cited above requires "malicious intent" which is difficult to prove and requires the State Attorney to deem it appropriate to get involved.

    The family law "relocation" statute DOES NOT preclude anyone from moving if there is not already a Court Order regarding the custody of your children.

    The best way you can prevent her from relocating without your consent is to immediately file for divorce, and to be a positive and involved father.

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  • How can I get ahold of my post divorce property?

    I was divorced July 2009. The joint marital property is located in a locoal storage unti to which I have legal access but my ex has the only key. SHe lost hers and took mine when I wasn't home. She refuses to let me have the key or go to storage w...

    Reuben’s Answer

    Your rights should be defined by your settlement agreement/Final Judgment. So that is the first place you should look. If your ex-wife is not complying, you can file a motion to enforce. As part of the motion, you could have rights to discovery (potentially including rights to inspect her home). If you had an attorney in your divorce, you should contact him or her to assist you in resolving this issue.

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