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James Edward Moon

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  • Not recommended.

    1.0 star

    Posted by fisher

    Moon solicited me using the US mail after an arrest, he claimed at that time: immense experience in handling cases, at that time, he had almost no experience whatsoever. But that was just the beginning, then after reviewing my case he assured me he would fight for my rights saying whatever I wanted to hear to get money. Then when it came time to do his lawyer magic he failed me and took the easy way out. When I expressed dissatisfaction he turned on me and hid. Basically, this attorney took my money and ran using a bait and switch tactic. I reported him to the bar with no result.

    James Edward Moon’s response: “This post is for a client that was represented in approximately 2002 or so. Naturally, he would not leave his first and last name for people to be able to look up his own record and court involvement. This former client was disgruntled well after voluntarily entering a plea to a battery charge against an innocent victim who he had struck in the face and body with his fists during an unprovoked attack. His complaints as to representation didn't appear until he violated probation and was facing a jail sentence and needed an excuse to have a plea withdrawn. He indicated to the court he took the plea as he did not want to risk a trial. He changed his story when he attempted to have the plea removed after his violation. The court had a transcript of his prior plea and disallowed his motion. He continued to deny that he voluntarily entered a plea despite having raised his hand and swearing to tell the truth and entering the plea. He was subsequently arrested multiple times after this one case, one matter for allegedly beating a woman's face into the ground, another for burglary, another for theft, and other charges for driving without a license. At one point, he was jailed for a considerable period of time. He also had injunctions to prevent violence entered against him because of his anger issues and mental instability. I did not represent him on the other cases, purely out of safety issues for myself, my staff and my family. Not surprisingly, he had "issues" with every attorney that represented him. It got to the point where he harassed myself and my staff that we contemplated taking out restraining orders. On one occasion, approximately four years after representing him, I ran into him at a grocery store and the next morning my vehicle's tires were slashed. Another time, he embarrassed himself by approaching a friend and myself in a restaurant. His public record can be viewed at This unfortunately is one of the drawbacks of a career such as mine. From time to time, there are those clients who no matter what, blame all of their life problems on to the attorney and everyone else instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions - in this case, violence toward others and an inability to control his own actions - as the reason they are where they are.”
  • Very hardworking and honest attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    We were told about Jim from a friend of ours. We needed an attorney to help us with a suit that was filed by our neighbor claiming their dog was bitten by ours. We couldn't believe this was true. Jim walked us step by step through the process, was able to work hand in hand with the insurance company's retained attorney on our behalf. The matter was quickly resolved through a dismissal so the suit against us. We would recommend him to anyone. He is a very reliable, hardworking, and trustworthy person.

  • Lawyer rating

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    James is an excellent attorney that I would highly recommend to anyone needing legal services. He assisted us tremendously with a contract action and recovery of funds that were owed to us. We were familiar with attorneys that took large retainers and did little legal work, simply bleeding us as clients. Working with Jim was different. We felt he care about us as clients, cared about our issues, and more importantly was fair and forthright with billing us on this issue. He followed up with us after he was done representing us to ask our advice as to what we thought he and his firm could do better, how they could improve their firm to become the best available. This extra touch made us feel as though he valued what we had to say and that we were more than just a one time client.

    I have recommended Jim to several friends and family and all have commented as to how impressed they were with his ability, congeniality, and overall attitude.