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M Daniel Sasso

M Sasso’s Legal Guides

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  • Trust changes - When Making Florida Your Residence

    NEED TO HAVE YOUR TRUST CONFORM TO FLORIDA LAW: INVALID PROVISION: Chapter 736 and FS 736.0813 et al. as amended to control Florida realty; IRS VIOLATION: Pay expenses/taxes of decedents estate only from family lung of his/her credit shelter trust Create separate list for tangib...

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  • Florida Will: Dangers of not changing Last Will & Testament upon moving to Florida

    M. Daniel Sasso, P.A. Attorney-at-Law 4020 Del Prado Blvd. Ste A-1 Cape Coral, Florida 33904 Phone: 239-542-1355 / Fax: 239-542-2892 M. Daniel Sasso, Esq. Fein #:59-1932120 WHAT IS YOUR LOSS IF YOU HAVE A NON-FLORIDA WILL 1. $38,000 mistake - Old will sa...

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  • S Corporation vs. Limited Liability Co (LLC)

    LLC vs. INC Your may have either your Corporation or LLC choose S status and get the benefit of tax savings on the self employment tax issues. NOTE YOU MUST AT PRESENT HAVE 2 OR MORE MEMBERS IN A FLORIDA LLC to get asset protection. Coporation: a. Creditor goes after s...

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  • DOMESTIC ASSET PROTECTION TRUSTS vs IAPT's - Benefits-Shortcomings

    ?4:291 Advantages of DAPTs (Nevada/ Delaware/Utah, 13 States) o Creditor protection for self-settled trusts. In most states, creditors can reach the assets of a self-settled trust; not so in DAPT states. o Relaxed fraudulent transfer standard. Because DAPT states vie for business...

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  • Florida Critical- Severe Money Loss If No Florida Will

    WHAT IS YOUR LOSS IF YOU HAVE A NON-FLORIDA WILL 1. $38,000 mistake - Old will says to sell all assets then distribute, you lose Florida exemptions: $20,000 of personalty, furnishings cars/trucks under 15K lbs; Family allowance $18,000 2. $30,000 + mistake - Possible Homestead e...

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