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C. C. Abbott

About C. Abbott

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The common thread throughout my legal career has been my interest and satisfaction in assisting clients who come from a variety of ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  I have used my love of the law to assist low income people in both Canada and the United States.  My first job was as an advocate for refugees who had requested protection. Later as a Barrister, I accepted legal aid clients (criminal and civil) through legal aid certificates. When I immigrated to the United States, I completed an American law degree, and established my own law office in Jacksonville, Florida. There, I worked closely with the local immigrant communities to assist with asylum claims, family based immigration, deportations, and most other law relayed needs of immigrant clients. After relocating to South West Florida, I worked as an Associate Public Defender in the 20th Circuit of Florida with the Felony Division. More recently, I was the managing attorney for the migrant farmworker unit with Florida Rural Legal Services where I managing a Legal Services Grant to provide legal assistance to the farmworker community throughout the state of Florida. Currently, I have returned to private practice in Tampa Florida where I own and operate a  full service immigration law office dedicated to assisting clients with family immigration, business immigration, asylum, naturalization, and humanitarian immigration.   



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