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Scot Dale Goldberg

Scot Goldberg’s Legal Guides

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  • Scot D. Goldberg: What Are Your Rights if You've Been in an Accident?

    Southwest Florida personal injury attorney explains your legal rights in the event you are seriously injured in a car or motorcycle accident.

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  • How to best handle traffic tickets in Florida

    Never argue with officer Take the ticket, even if you believe your not in the wrong. There will be another day to argue your position. All ways sign your traffic infraction This is not an admission

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  • How to Deal with a DUI Arrest

    What to do at time of arrest Never take a field sobriety test or a breath test if you have been drinking. This information will be used against you in your case. The less evidence you give them the

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  • How to Be Sure You're Properly Insured in Your Auto Policy

    Protect your assets Make sure that you have liability insurance of at least $100K/$300K and also have an umbrella of $1 million to cover anything over and above your primary coverage. Protect your m

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