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  • My mother found acrylic in her chewing gum. She almost choked on this material. It was wrigleys classic gum. Is there a case?

    What kind of atty. Should I speak with?

    Leland’s Answer

    Sounds like she almost has a case.. Not trying to be too crass but without an actual injury there isn't really much here to justify to cost of going up against a large corporation. She might call the company and see if they are willing to giver her something free or her money back. Sorry I help you further.

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  • What happens now? Hit and run accident.

    I was involved in a hit and run accident last week with my two young children in the car. Other driver failed to yeild while making a left turn through the intersection I was going through. My car is estimated to have $5k in damages. I sustaine...

    Leland’s Answer

    Sorry to hear.

    We may be able to prove that the kid was negligently allowed to access and drive his fathers vehicle and make a claim against the fathers insurance carrier.

    Also, if you have uninsured motorist coverage we would be able to file a claim with them as if they represented the kid who hit you.

    Your first 10k in Medical bills will come from your insurance (but that may already be gone)

    Obviously we would need to track down the guy who called and get more info.

    You should definitely consult a local lawyer to help you with this.

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  • Need an experience attorney for personal injury in a car accident in bonita springs,Fl. 34135

    I need a good , reputation lawyer who can take my case he or she should have the full time to devote to my case today? I had a car accident last week, i had medical record from a doctor, have police report other party at fault , have picture, h...

    Leland’s Answer

    I would like to think that my father and I would fit the description of what you are seeking; however, sometimes being able to deliver a client as complete a recovery as possible can take some time. On the other hand, depending on the extent of your injuries and available insurance coverage some cases can be resolved rather quickly.

    Based upon the zip code and city you referenced, the proper venue for filing suit, if necessary, would be Lee County (Fort Myers). That being said, you may want to look for a lawyer in Fort Myers.

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  • I was involved in a car accident and was not at fault. Insurance will not total the car.

    Recently I was involved in an accident. A car pulled out in front of me and I hit the vehicle. I was not at fault, the other driver admitted guilt and was cited for the accident. I had the car sent to my preferred dealer and the insurance adjuster...

    Leland’s Answer

    Sorry to hear about this crash..

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  • My father fell from a persons dock and ruptured his spleen and died a short time later. I kept my boat at her dock

    with her permission because she tricked me into buying her boat that wouldn't sell that she said ran great and I have been on it in the past. It cost me money to tow it from the marina and it is inoperable and I have lost several thousands of doll...

    Leland’s Answer

    I agree with, Andrew, who happens to be a great lawyer and friend.. Definitely sounds like a complicated case and you will probably be best served by contacting a lawyer by telephone so that they can ask the specific questions necessary to best answer your questions and help you in obtaining justice. My office is here in Fort Myers and I would or happy to discuss the matter further with you.

    Best of luck,

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  • What are mine and my siblings rights to vehicle insurance proceeds for sister killed in accident.

    My sister was killed in a car accident in March, 2012 in West Virginia. My brother was driving the vehicle and survied. There is a hearing set for April 19, 2013 in Tyler County for distribution of the two $20,000 policies. It is my understandi...

    Leland’s Answer

    Sorry to hear about your loss..

    I would ask this question of Lawyers in WV.. You may have to use a WV zip code when filling out the question. I would imagine that West Virginia has a wrongful death statute much like the one we have here in FL which strongly restricts what you would be able to collect.

    Best of luck,

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  • Do sll personal injury lawyer charge the same for auto accidents

    do they all charge same fees abd percentage of settlement cases in the state of florida

    Leland’s Answer

    Looks like the previous lawyers did a good job answering your question but I wanted to provide a little more information that could be helpful.

    The following language must be given to a client when a contingent fee agreement is signed in FL:

    "1. There is no legal requirement that a lawyer charge a client a set fee or a percentage of money recovered in a case. You, the client, have the right to talk with your lawyer about the proposed fee and to bargain about the rate or percentage as in any other contract. If you do not reach an agreement with 1 lawyer you may talk with other lawyers."

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  • Personal Injury Claim with Insurance Companies: Can a claimant self represent and process a lawsuit in Florida?

    Can a claimant self represent in a lawsuit? If and when this claimant decides to self represent, what pros and cons are there? Multiple car accidents so multiple UM policies are involved.

    Leland’s Answer

    I can understand the desire to represent yourself in this matter as the apparent pro's are many: More money for you, you will only make decisions that are in your personal best interest, you know your situation better than anyone else, and you don't have to deal with some lawyer from a billboard or TV with a flashy suit and shiny cuff links...

    The con's of representing yourself are just to many to type and given the fact that there are multiple UM policies, you will most likely recover a larger amount of money with a lawyer even after the lawyer takes their fee (not to mention not having to come out of pocket to fund the case)..

    Recently my mother was the victim of medical malpractice and my dad (who is thought of as an expert in this field) chose to hire another lawyer to handle the case... Often, when wrongdoing happens to you or hits close to home you can no longer be an effective advocate as emotions take over..

    Feel free to give me a ring or shoot me an email I would be glad to chat with you further about your case.

    Hope this helps,

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  • How can I sue for an injury?

    I was injured when a woman fell off a roof on top of me in January 2012 and now in my my shoulder does not have full range of motion, and the arm is mostly numb, is it possible to sue the woman's home owner insurance because it was an accident but...

    Leland’s Answer

    The fact that this was "accidental" may actually be beneficial for you as most homeowners policies to not allow coverage of "intentional" acts of their insureds.

    You may very well have a claim against her but I would need to know more about your injury and we would need to see a copy of her homeowners policy.

    My office is here in South Florida and I would be happy to speak further with you about your potential case.

    best of luck,

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  • What to do if I have personal injury claim over a car accident?

    Recently was in a car accident that caused injury and have not been able to work for two weeks. I was on my bicycle and was hit by the car. I don't know what to do with this, since I don't have insurance. Do I need to file a personal injury claim,...

    Leland’s Answer

    It looks like the previous attorneys may have answered some of your questions and judging from the quick response time you can imagine that you probably have a good case. Of course this all depends on whether or not the person who hit you has insurance or additional sources of recovery can be located. As far as filing a claim alone or with an attorney, I would urge you to find an attorney as it will most likely result in an increased recovery by you. An attorney can also help to make sure that you are able to get the proper medical care and help to make sure that those medical bills do not eat up any recovery against the person who hit you.

    My office is here in Fort Lauderdale, I am a member of the Florida Bicycle Association and am on their list of "Bike Friendly Attorneys", I would also be happy to chat with you further about your case. My number is 954-524-2424.

    Best of luck,

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