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  • There is no probate or beneficiary, how do i become the probate/beneficiary.

    My son passed away at 35yrs old, he had no will or no beneficiary. I am his father and he has a 13year old son. i am trying to find out what i need to do or the steps in acquiring what is his. he was not married. is this something i can collect or...

    Joseph’s Answer

    You will need an estate/ probate attorney to assist you.
    Everyone has a will because if you don't sign one-the State has a statutory will in place.
    His son will be the beneficiary and it is a little more complicated since he is a minor.

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  • Elderly abuse and fraud

    My mother lives in the state of Alabama. She is married to my step father for the last 24 years. They have property together. About 12 aces of land. My mother have full dementia. She was diagnosed in 2008. We just move her into a nursing home,...

    Joseph’s Answer

    Want them arrested-File a police report with your evidence.

    Want the deed set aside-hire an attorney to develop your case.
    Best bet-have an attorney from the start to help you with this difficult matter.

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  • ¿Do I need to present an IRS transfer certificate for my TOD beneficiary designation if there is a Public Administrator named?

    I am TOD account beneficiary of my aunt. She was US citizen but died in Peru. I am not US citizen and nor resident. Parallel to my designation, her legal heirs have opened a probate case in Chicago for other accounts without beneficiaries. The pub...

    Joseph’s Answer

    No-but attorney Goldstein has given you excellent advice.

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  • How much will it cost to write up a living will.

    Sister and I bought a mobile home. It's in my name, but all expenses are shared by 2. Need protection against all sibblings.

    Joseph’s Answer

    Best bet would be to call a few attorneys for fee quotes.
    Many also give a free consult.

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  • I have a will which was made when my daughters were young now they are adults I want to change it.

    I need to change the personal representative, trustee in the will. The Durable power of attorney and designation of health care surrogate. I want my daughters in these positions now that they are old enough to take on the responsibility.

    Joseph’s Answer

    I agree with "its easy"-just meet with an estate planning attorney to get this accomplished.

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  • Can a successor trustee of a trust be the listing agent of a home owned by the trust?

    I am a real estate broker and helped my father get out of an unusual situation. He had owned a property with another man named Pete for 30 years. He had paid Pete money and Pete had signed a quitclaim deed, however my dad had notarized the deed hi...

    Joseph’s Answer

    Best bet is acceptance and full disclosure by the beneficiaries.

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  • I have written a demand letter to the Successor Trustee for the amount that is due to me. Should I send it to her?

    I am entitled to 1/3 of my Mother's house value. I wrote a demand letter for the monies owed to me. Should I mail it?

    Joseph’s Answer

    Why don't you try asking when the distribution will be made.
    If you don't get a satisfactory response-then write a letter.
    If you don't get a response-get an attorney involved.
    Communication solves a lot of problems.

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  • Do I need to amend my current living trust because I acquired added property interest in my residential ownership?

    My existing living trust states a 1/3rd ownership of my primary residence. I now own 78% of the said property. Paperwork of the added ownership was registered with the Bureau of Conveyances in the name of the trust.

    Joseph’s Answer

    Normally you can put assets in and take them out of a trust without amending your trust.
    Changing schedule A is all that is necessary.
    However-you state the your trust states 1/3 ownership-is this stated in the trust document as apposed to be listed on schedule A?
    Your answer could make a difference in the responses given on this site.

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  • Am I entitled to my recently deceased wife's inheritance?

    My wife died very recently in an automobile accident. Only two months prior to that, however, her wealthy father also passed away unexpectedly leaving her with a substantial inheritance (she was an only child). Her mother is also deceased. My ...

    Joseph’s Answer

    It depends on the language in your step fathers trust.
    For example-he could have had language the she must survive him
    for a certain time or her distribution could have been stretched out over a number of years
    with a contingent beneficiary.
    Also-did your wife have children?
    Visit with an estate planning /probate attorney to get a copy of the step fathers will and inventory of his estate to establish your rights.
    Most likely you are entitled to an inheritance but an attorney can determine the amount after reviewing the documents.

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  • If you gave power of attorney to someone while you were in jail to Handel your affairs how long does that power of attorney stay

    I gave power of attorney to my mom while I went to jail don't know how long it stays intact or what I have to do to have it undone. Every time I go to Handel my affairs she wants to step in an if I go against her she threatens to have me backer ac...

    Joseph’s Answer

    You can revoke the POA as suggested.

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