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James Kevin Hayslett

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  • I was convicted of a felony burglary 20 years ago and just was arrested for theft of property, class b felony.

    My question is will it be possible to get probation for this offense? I got custody of my 2 children 2 1/2 years ago and they are straight A students who dont miss a day. My wife is on disability for her back and knees. They need me badly. I...

    James’s Answer

    The answer is maybe. You need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Troy Alabama area to assist you with your case.

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  • I received a letter from Neal C. Tenen demanding an extra fine for civil penalty?

    I was terminated for theft amounting to $260. No arrest was made, just pressed hard by LP and had to sign an agreement stating I would pay restitution. I received a letter from Neal C. Tenen, "A Law Corporation", telling me I had to pay the $260, ...

    James’s Answer

    Many people think By paying the civil demand that their criminal case will go away.
    I have never seen in Florida a case where someone did not pay the civil demand request that was either sued or had their case dropped as result of paying the civil request.
    By statute you can be sued, by statute they can demand a civil fine but this has nothing to do with your criminal case.

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  • I Got pulled over yesterday, I was driving without a license, this is my 3 rd time, 1 and 2 time paid fine. Chances for jail?

    Like I said 1 and 2 time I paid fines, and no problem, but now, they give me a notice to appear in 5 days in the Commisionary Office, or something like that in Anne Arundel County, MD What shoud I expect if I go tho the office, Jail right away or ...

    James’s Answer

    On your third driving with no license offense typically in most parts of the country that would equate with some jail time.
    I would retain a experienced criminal defense lawyer who specializes in traffic offenses to assist you with your case.

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  • How can my boyfried be charged w/cds-possession paraphanalia and mariuhana when mariuhana was found on another person in room

    there were 3 people in room poiice never arrested any of us sent us a summons to pick up a week later, the busch can made into a smoking device was on table and the other male in room said he had nothing on him, when emptied his pockets a bag of m...

    James’s Answer

    Under the theory of constructive possession if the prosecutor can prove that your boyfriend had knowledge of the marijuana and could exercise dominion or control over it he could be arrested and potentially charged with the crime.
    Now that being said he has a great motion to dismiss on the constructive possession issue.
    I would recommend that he hired experienced criminal defense attorney in your town to assist him with his case.

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  • New attorney in solo practice. Exploring cyber-crime as a specialty. What do defense attys. charge for child porn cases?

    Just looking for ball park numbers as I plan my practice and figure out my overhead budget etc.

    James’s Answer

    Depending on the scope of work somewhere between 10,000 and $50,000.

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  • What to do when you have been charge with a crime you didnt committ and has been sitting in jail for 3 years?

    he was identified by to males for only his facial looks i dont think they could really identify the ones who robbed them and just picked him out the line up

    James’s Answer

    This is a great question for his lawyer.
    There are a myriad of motions his lawyer could file on his behalf dealing with identification.
    Has the eyewitness identified you out of a photo pack, a lineup, or a one person show up?
    There are different rules and case law that allow some of these greater weight than others.
    Ultimately these are motions that need to be filed by his lawyer.

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  • How do I successfully transfer a probation from Roseburg Oregon to Pheniox Arizona. still waiting for pretrial, then trial.

    I have a public attorney representing me.

    James’s Answer

    The Department of Corrections will assist you with that : you need to apply to the interstate compact that allows you to transfer probation from one state to the other.

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  • I have 3 misdemenior charges and 1 felony, ir just got a theft of fuel charge what can ir expect

    3 retail and 1felony

    James’s Answer

    Unfortunately we would need further information: do you have any prior convictions, I need more detail on these charges as well.
    Assuming you have no prior record you may be eligible for a diversion program and ultimately have these cases dismissed.
    You need to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your town.

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  • Does a prosecutor or PO file for revocation of probation with courts. Should it have been notorized.

    received "request for warrant&complaint to revoke probation" filed with courts by PO with a "Notice to Defendant"to appear on specified date stating a warrant issued if fail to appear. I have a log of my attempted calls to this PO, no return call...

    James’s Answer

    Dealing with the probation officer is very frustrating. Typically the court will give the testimony of a probation officer great weight.
    There are countless stories of defendants who were on probation that attempted to make contact with their probation officer, left messages and the probation officer ultimately testified that there was no contact between them and the defendant.
    You were smart to keep a log of your calls and attempted contact that will assist you.
    Probation violations do need to be sworn to when submitted to the court.
    I'm surprised they filed this without attempting to have contact with you I would suggest perhaps it you're able to speak to a supervisor that might shed some light on your circumstances.

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  • Can i be charge with fraud for not paying back a payday loan in texas

    when i was woirking i took out a payday loan and they would deduct the fees from bank acct. since being layed off last year, i have closed my bank acct and now the payday loan company said they will serve me with papers and charge me with fraud(Te...

    James’s Answer

    Failure to repay a loan generally is considered a civil not a criminal matter.

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