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Charles Wiley vs. Suddath Van Lines, Inc.,

Case Conclusion Date: 02.12.1999

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Jury awards $1,252,772.67

Description: Pinellas Commercial Properties was the landowner that the defendant, Suddath, rented property from to store their semi trailers. Plaintiff contended that the Defendant Suddath was negligence in creating site obstruction at an intersection. The Defendant denied liability and claimed the accident was a result of the Plaintiff's own negligence. The Defendant also contended that Sandra Williams, who was cited for the accident, was negligent. Plaintiff filed suit against the Defendant alleging that they had parked their semi-trailers adjacent to the intersection of 46th Street and 122 Avenue, in Pinellas County, in such a fashion so as to block motorists views of each other as they approached the intersection. The intersection was controlled by a stop sign for North/Southbound traffic on 46th Street. There were no traffic control devices for vehicles travelling East/Westbound on 122nd Avenue. On the day of the accident a vehicle driven by Sandra Williams pulled out from the stop sign and collided with the Plaintiff's vehicle. Plaintiff settled with Sandra Williams prior to trial. The Defendant denied causing the Plaintiff a permanent injury, as Plaintiff had a prior surgery for a herniated disc at L5-S1, four years prior to the accident. The collision caused Plaintiff, Charles Wiley to break his hand and suffer a recurrent herniated disc at L5-S1. Plaintiff had a laminectomy and later underwent a fusion at L5-S1. The fusion also left Plaintiff with sympathetic nerve damage, resulting in Retrograde ejaculation. Prior to trial, the defendant made a final offer of $50,000.00.

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