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Joseph Montrone Jr.

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    Whenever a person is charged with the crime of illegally possessing a drug or narcotic, by their very nature, these cases give rise to numerous issues relating to whether the evidence was obtained ill

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  • Tourist Arrests in Florida: Avoid 5 Common Mistakes

    Plea to the charge at your First Appearance Hearing Florida law requires that you must make a First Appearance before a judge within 24 hours of an arrest. It is at this time that the Judge may offer

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  • Florida DUI Sentences: What Are The Penalties?

    FIRST TIME OFFENSE FINE: Not less than $250 or more than $500 PROBATION: Up to 12 months DL SUSPENSION: 6 months to 1 year (Hardship once enrolled in DUI School) JAIL OR PRISON: Up to 6 months SEC

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  • Automobile Insurance Definitions

    Comprehensive Coverage Insurance designed to pay for the repair or replacement of the policy owner’s car in the event of damage not resulting from an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers theft,

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  • What Should I Do After An Auto Accident?

    In a split second your life can be altered in a drastic way because of an auto accident. Now what? The answer to that question will depend on whether you are injured and if so, the severity of your injury. Here are some tips.

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  • 7 Reasons To Avoid a Violation of Probation (VOP) and Terminate Probation As Early As Possible

    The majority of criminal cases are resolved with a disposition which places people on probation. If you are on probation, you should make every effort to get off of probation as soon as you can so as to avoid a Violation of Probation (VOP).

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  • Defending Your Florida DUI Charge

    A DUI charge in the state of Florida is one of the most complicated cases to prosecute and defend. There are many ways and avenues to defend these types of charges.

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  • Consequences of a Domestic Violence Arrest in Florida

    An arrest or charge of an act of domestic violence can have serious consequences and may permanently impact a person's life in many ways. This type of charge should be treated very seriously and carefully as the impact may be far reaching and not apparent at the time of the arrest or charge

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