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United States v. Sami Al-Arian

Case Conclusion Date: 12.08.2005

Practice Area: Federal crime

Outcome: Ghassan Ballut was found not guilty on all counts.

Description: In a prosecution first announced by U.S Attorney General John Ashcroft, four men were charged with giving material support to terrorist organizations and related conspiracy counts. The investigation of their activities spanned 14 years, and the evidence against them included over a thousand wiretap recordings and tens of thousands of documents seized from homes, offices, and computers. This high-profile case was covered by newspapers and television stations across the nation. After a six-month trial in 2005 that included nearly a thousand exhibits and the testimony of scores of witnesses, the jury of twelve citizens found Bruce Howie's client, Ghassan Ballut, not guilty on each one of the 26 remaining felony counts after the trial judge acquitted Mr. Ballut of the 27th count. This case represented not only a victory for Bruce Howie's client but also a victory for the American constitutional system of justice and the rule of law over misguided fear and political expediency.

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