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Rex Robinson Blake

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  • Should I hire an attorney to have a record expunged?

    I was never convicted, however I was charged with theft by taken. They later sent a nolle prosequi letter because the person that actually committed the crime accepted a plea deal. Even though I was never convicted it did come up on a background c...

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    Yes, you should hire an experienced criminal attorney to guide you through the expungment/sealing process. It is possible to navigate the system alone, however if you run into any complications along the way, you may put yourself into an unnecessary peril. An experienced attorney will gather all the necessary documents and file the appropriate forms necessary to get your charge cleared from your record. Certainly you can pull your own tooth if you have a cavity, but you would be wise to hire a dentist to perform the procedure. Often the price is very reasonable to get your criminal accusation sealed. Good Luck!

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  • I have a court date on the 17 of this month and i wont be in town unitl the 2nd week in june how do i reschedule my court date.

    its for driving withou a license. And i really wont be able to because of financial reasons please help

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    It is important that you attend your mandatory court appearances. If you fail to appear to your court date a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you may be charged with an additional crime. If you contact and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, often times the attorney can appear to your court dates on your behalf. If you cannot make your court date it is imperative that you get the date continued or have someone appear for you! Good luck!

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  • What do i do if i am going to be arreested and charges with a felony?

    i am accused of stealing some jewelry and selling it to a pawn shop for $25.00 the victim says they are pressing petty theft charges on me and they say the pawn shop is pressing felony charges on me what is going to happen i am very ver scared ple...

    Rex’s Answer

    Allegedly stealing $25.00 worth of jewelry and pawning it at a pawn shop subjects you to two possible crimes: Petit Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property. Dealing in Stolen Property or DSP is a 2 degree Felony in Florida and is punishable up to 15 years in Florida State Prison. It is very important that you contact an attorney immediately to guide you through the legal process. More than likely, the victim has contacted the police and they will soon conduct an investigation. The police may want to contact you which can ultimately lead to questioning and an arrest. Everything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law. If the police cannot find you, there can be a warrant issued for your arrest. Also, allegedly stealing the jewelry may subject you to a Petit Theft charge. Depending on your prior criminal history, you are facing 6 months to 1 year in the county jail on that charge. An attorney may help you with police questioning, dealing with the State Attorney's Office, and possibly mitigating the charges with the victim. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP!

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