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RB v. HR

Case Conclusion Date: 05.12.2011

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Temporary Injunction Terminated, Permanent Injunction Denied

Description: HR hired Jason Mayberry after a temporary injunction was granted against him in favor of a co-worker. This temporary injunction effectively prevented HR from going to his place of employment as he was not allowed within 500 feet of the petitioning co-worker. RB (petitioner) filed a repeat violence injunction against HR for allegedly striking him in the neck and chest area on April 21, 2011 at their mutual workplace. RB further alleged HR verbally threatened him after HR drove toward RB in a reckless fashion, again at their workplace. RB presented pictures of injuries to his neck and chest area at the hearing. Jason Mayberry successfully cross examined RB and established that RB failed to prove his account of the story by a preponderance of evidence and impeached testimony at the hearing and from RB's sworn statement. Jason Mayberry further pointed out that RB failed to take certain measures a reasonable person would take were they actually in fear of imminent danger at the hands of another. The temporary injunction was dismissed after the hearing and HR was allowed to return work as no further injunction was in place.

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