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Jason Matthew Mayberry

Jason Mayberry’s Legal Guides

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  • Casey Anthony: Example of Venue Change for Jury Selection

    Recently Ive received a barrage of phone calls and in person questions from friends and family following the Casey Anthony case and the current jury selection. If you dont recall, Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee. Casey claims she left Caylee with a bab...

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  • Frivolous? Not so fast...

    Lets cap them! Lets create a pre-suit period to ensure meritorious claims! Lets hide from the public records of all our mistakes! Slice it how you want, Republicans have bent over backwards in most states to make bringing a medical malpractice case against a doctor or hospitalrid...

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  • Access to Records of Adverse Incidents

    Attempts by plaintiff medical malpractice attorneys to obtain records from doctors or hospitals are similar in difficulty to that of teaching a fish to ride a bicycle. Attempts to obtain these records have been met with every technical resistance that could be concocted by their ...

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  • Res Ipsa Surgical Mistakes

    Recently, The Palm Beach Post released a column written by Susan Spencer-Wendel detailing Palm Beach County Judge Nelson Bailey's struggle with a medical malpractice claim wherein a surgical sponge was left within his abdomen, specifically near his intestines. According to the Po...

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  • Who's to Blame?

    Gentleman- So Jason you're a lawyer? Me- Yes sir I am. Gentleman- Uh oh, an ambulance chaser! Me- No not really sir, my practice area is medical malpractice. Gentleman- (Cough) Wait, you sue doctors and nurses that are here to help people!?!?!?! I presume many medical malpra...

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