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Brooke Victoria Elvington

Brooke Elvington’s Legal Guides

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  • Appealing a Florida Violation of Probation Case

    Appealing a Florida Violation of Probation Case involves analyzing the VOP portion of your case for legal error. It does not include attacking the underlying offense. The following guide provides a br

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  • Florida Motion to Reduce Sentence

    People convicted of criminal offenses often ask whether they can file a motion to reduce or modify the sentence. This article briefly details the procedure as outlined in Florida Rule of Criminal Proc

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  • Sealing or Expunging a Criminal Record in Florida

    Tips on how to determine whether you are eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged, and if so, details on how to get it done. The following is for informational purposes and does not co

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  • Florida's Romeo and Juliet Law: Removal from the Sex Offender Registry

    Florida Statute Section 943.04354, (otherwise known as Romeo and Juliet Law), provides for a petitioners removal from the sex offender registry if that person meets certain criteria. The purpose in enacting Section 943.04354 was to eliminate the harsh consequence of lifetime sex ...

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  • Florida Post Conviction Relief: 3.850

    The function of an appellate court during a direct appeal in a criminal matter is limited to reviewing issues of preserved legal error. However, post conviction relief broadens the analysis to all aspects of the case, including issues pertaining to effectiveness of counsel, claim...

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  • Florida Criminal Appeals: Understanding Florida's Appellate Process

    The criminal appellate process is essential in ensuring due process; however, the process is commonly misunderstood, and not everyone wants or needs an appeal. The following is a general outline of the criminal appellate process in the State of Florida. What is an appeal? The App...

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