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Johnny Joseph Bardine

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  • I filed chapter 7 and was granted a discharge, however, my mortgage lender, has not sent me paper work to surrender the house.

    The discharge was granted over a month ago. We are still living in the house. We are going to be away for a couple weeks. I am afraid to come back and find we are locked out or my belonging removed. Can they do this or is there a procedure before ...

    Johnny’s Answer

    I agree with what others have stated. In order for the bank to take possession of the property, it needs first to complete the state action foreclosure process. This most likely will be a lengthy process which could be made lengthier if you defend the foreclosure. To answer your other question, no, you are not incurring new debt from the lender. That debt has been discharged.

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  • Did Gov Scott sign this bill.

    Just wondering if I am seeing this correctly..Gov Rick Scott DID NOT sign the bill that would mandate 50/50 custody . I'm hoping not

    Johnny’s Answer

    Like the attorneys before me said, the bill was vetoed.

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  • I asked bank of america if they supported principal reduction program and they said no, not for an fha loan is this false?

    customer representative at Bofa said FHA loans aren't supported by principal reduction. I am in foreclosure and trying to get assistance. They said since I got a modification already I probably wouldn't get another one. What should my next step be...

    Johnny’s Answer

    Defending a foreclosure and attempting a workout with the bank are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they complement each other. In order to have time to get a successful modification, you will need to defend the foreclosure litigation. Further, often the banks are more willing to deal with a homeowner aggressively defending him or herself.

    When choosing a lawyer, you should select one who will vigorously assert all possible defenses and who will work with the bank to modify the loan.

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