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Timothy F. Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan’s Legal Guides

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  • Are Juvenile Arrest Records Sealed / Expunged?

    This guide provides a comprehensive analysis on the sealing and expungement of juvenile arrest records in the State of Florida. What is a Juvenile Arrest Record? When a juvenile is arrested for a felo

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  • Five Things Florida DUI Officers Don't Want You to Know

    If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position in which a law enforcement officer is investigating you for a DUI offense, you should know that the officer has been trained to give you PARTIAL information about your options during this investigation. The idea is simple, the...

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  • They Didn't Read Me My Rights...Can My Florida Case Be Dismissed???

    St. Petersburg -- Clearwater criminal defense lawyer explains how your Miranda rights can impact your Pinellas county criminal charge. Learn how the failure of the police to read you your Miranda warnings can result in the suppression of your statements or admissions and sometime...

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  • Understanding Florida's Derelict Vessels Laws

    I am sure you have seen them as you drive over causeways and bridges. Sad looking orphaned power boats left grounded and long forgotten on oyster bars or blown into thick mangroves. Perhaps badly weathered sailboats partially submerged on shoals with masts that seemingly reach up...

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  • Should I Refuse the Breath Test in Florida?

    St. Petersburg -- Clearwater DUI lawyer explains the pros and cons associated with the difficult decision of whether to blow into the Intoxilyzer or refuse the breath test after being arrested in Pinellas county for a DUI. For more info: and www.duistpetersbur...

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  • What to do if you are arrested for theft and receive a threat of a civil lawsuit and $200 demand...

    What was once considered a cost of doing business, has now been turned into a money-making endeavor by store owners. Retailers are threatening to sue persons caught shoplifting in their stores for something called civil recovery. Civil recovery is where a retailer seeks to recove...

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  • Can my child be charged as an adult in Florida?

    If your son or daughter has been arrested, you have probably read in the newspapers and seen on t.v. that at times, the State prosecutes juvenile offenders as adults. If you are wondering if your child can or must be charged as an adult, this guide is for you!

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