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Matthew Decell Weidner

Matthew Weidner’s Legal Guides

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  • Should I File Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure?

    I have been served with foreclosure or know that I will be soon. Should I file Bankruptcy? Short answer: NO! When a homeowner is facing foreclosure considering filing for bankruptcy may be the home

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  • Mortgage Modification- What You Need to Know

    Call Your Own Lender First If you are behind on your mortgage, or are simply looking for a little breathing room or better terms, call your own lender first to determine what terms might be available

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  • Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

    Avoid Scams, "Foreclosure Rescue Consultants" and anyone else who promises you anything Consumers who are in foreclosure are vulnerable to a wide range of individuals and companies who seek to make m

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  • Estate Planning Basics- What No Person Should Be Without

    What Are The Three Documents A Responsible Adult Cannot Live Without? Every responsible adult should complete the three basic estate planning documents which include a will, power of attorney and hea

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