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Osei Prempeh’s reviews

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  • One of the best lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I used him for my case and he did a great work for me. I later refered a friend to him and he did not disappoint me, he did a great and awesome job. If you need an aggressive and hard working lawyer, please don't hesitate call him and you will never regret.

  • The truth hurts

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kennedy

    I read reviews before hiring Mr. Prempeh, but the rebuttals sounded like previous reviewers were lying. After hiring this man I came to find out the reviews were true. Mr. Prempeh took what little money my husband and I had and we also made payments to him and let me husband get deported without filing the proper paperwork. He does this so that he makes money and nothing can be done about it. Once and immigrant is gone they have no recourse and now my husband is back in Africa.

  • Beware of Osei Prempeh - Do NOT hire this lawyer

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Everyone, but especially immigrants BEWARE of Osei Prempeh, P.A.!!!! This lawyer is a LIAR, THEIF and CHEAT. He will take your money (he took over $7,000 from us) and run in hopes that you will be deported, becoming unable to file a complaint. We hired Mr. Osei Prempeh in 2006 to represent my husband and help him correct his immigration status from student to permanent resident. From the start Mr. Prempeh misrepresented himself, stating that he had years of experience dealing with cases just like V's. This was a lie Mr. Prempeh had just started his practice and had very limited experience in matters like my husbands, making him unaware of the correct process to follow.

    Mr. Prempeh is disorganized and lazy. His office at 3202 N. Howard Ave. Tampa, FL 33607 is a disaster. When you go into his office confidential files are all over for anyone to pick up and read. Then he can’t find your file or the important paperwork that is needed to complete for your case. Mr. Prempeh takes on more than he can handle because he is greedy and wants your money. Please beware of this attorney!!! I don’t want you to go through what my family has been through.

    Mr. Prempeh had clearly advised V that everything was going to be fine as he was handling V's case. Mr. Prempeh continued to assure both V and myself that his letters and appeals would be enough to correct V's status. Mr. Prempeh clearly stated to both V and I that it would be no problem for a continuance to be granted because Mr. Prempeh could not appear for V's case. Per the response of the judge it was made very clear Mr. Prempeh was unclear with the process and did not understand what he was doing to our case. Through out Mr. Prempeh's handling of V's case he continued to delay things, asking for continuances and waiting till the day something was due to respond. Mr. Prempeh even advised V not to appear at his a hearing in Minnesota on February 24, 2006, which caused more problems then we could even imagine. Mr. Prempeh told V it was not right for the court to ask V to appear without counsel and that this was designed as an intimidation tactic. Yes, my husband was intimidated. Yes, V followed the advice of Mr. Osei Prempeh our attorney and didn’t attend the hearing. Our complaint is based on the fact that after my husband retained Mr. Prempeh, he gave V counsel that was not only detrimental to V’s case, but we have since learned, also against the law. Of my husband’s own volition, he would never choose to disregard an order to appear before a judge.

    Because Mr. Prempeh couldn’t appear, he waited till the last day to ask for a continuance. This continuance was denied, but we didn’t know this because Mr. Prempeh had not properly communicated with us, his clients what was really going on. We were astonished that we hadn’t gotten a reply to our request for another court date. Instead the judge had said Mr. Prempeh could appear by telephone on behalf of my husband. Hadn’t we called the 23rd of February, we wouldn’t have known the decision for Mr. Prempeh to appear by telephone conference. It is all these things tied together that led Mr. Prempeh to the decision that I shouldn’t attend court since he wouldn’t even be there to cross-examine the witness.

    Because I noticed the delays in Mr. Prempeh's response to the court Victor and I decided to take some matters into our own hands. We did some research and found out that since Victor and I had gotten married we needed to file an I-130, which was promptly taken care of. There was more paperwork we thought we should file, but Mr. Prempeh misadvised us that it could not be filed until the I-130 was approved. We had filed this paperwork, but because of Mr. Prempeh’s previous illegal advice, my husband then went under deportation proceedings. This led to my husband being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers on the morning of Friday, October 13, 2006.

    The reason Mr. Prempeh is not our attorney to this day is because after my husband’s arrest on October 13, 2006, I desperately tried to