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Terryn H Bennett

Terryn Bennett’s reviews

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  • Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I have been employed in the legal field for almost 4 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to see many lawyers at work. Sadly, many lawyers simply do the bare minimum to satisfy agreements, and move cases along. Often, this practice results in the client's best interests coming second to the attorney's. Terryn Bennett is not one of these lawyers. She is the best there is at what she does.
    When I found myself served with divorce papers by a tenacious lawyer on behalf of my then-wife, requesting sole parental authority and only offering weekend visits with our two minor children, I called Ms. Bennett based on the recommendation of a highly experienced local defense attorney.
    Ms. Bennett took the time to understand my predicament. While I was in a position that likely looked dire from a passing glance, Ms. Bennett spent hours discussing my present situation and the events leading up to it, reviewing related documents, and developing strong legal theories. Many of my friends told me to pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. But from the beginning, Ms. Bennett appeared to be someone who was not like most attorneys. She took the time to see who I was, and how much my children meant to me, and I to them.
    My divorce not only went to trial, but included the recusal of two judges, expert examinations and testimony, multiple hearings and 4+ days of trial litigation. This was not your average divorce. It was complicated, took time and energy, and most importantly, required experience, creativity, and wisdom to prevail. And that is what Terryn Bennett provides as a lawyer.
    As a result of her hard work and wise counsel, the truth prevailed and the judge granted exactly what I was asking for: 50/50 shared parental responsibility. The matter was not won easily, but thanks to Ms. Bennett, I enjoy the blessing of actively parenting my two children.
    When it comes to representation for divorce and custody disputes, there is Terryn Bennett, and then there everyone else.

    Hired attorney
  • a Priceless Gem on Kennedy Boulevard!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Highly laudable, Attorney Terryn Bennett is a priceless gem! As talented, as she is gifted Attorney Bennett possesses strong analytical skills, where she is able to implement ideas and objectives for practical theories. I have worked with her on several cases; and each time, her stated theory was in fact, the final outcome of each case.

    Attorney Bennett is a savvy, strategic advisor who not only sees, yet understands the "big picture." She is an expert on complex issues, and is meticulous at retrieving and gathering all the facts for your case.

    Terryn Bennett is a savvy, boutique attorney, sans a paralegal and a secretary; a lawyer which every attorney should aspire to be. She is a Master in her profession and will apply her genius on your case.

    Your brillance is valued and appreciated!! THANK YOU for your gift!!!

  • very professional and a pleasure to work with.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by travis813hill

    She was a very sweet attorney. A pleasure to work with she did my case pro bono and went above and beyond for me and my case. I cant thank her enough!

  • A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH- You can finally end your search for an excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jacob

    I can't even put into words how great Terryn is! I had met and interviewed numerous attorneys over a period of about 9 months in hopes of finding an attorney who would be loyal, dependable, honest, compassionate, knowledgable, aggressive, and experienced; however, I kept coming up feeling uneasy with something about each attorney. That is until I met Terryn of course! I had prayed over this a lot and I truly felt like the Lord had put her in my path for a reason.

    The first time she came to see me she did not charge me for the initial consultation, but that wasn't such a big deal as many attorneys do the same thing. Terryn came to see me though at like 8 pm and stayed for like 4 hours talking to me about my case! Who does that these days? I have been played by an attorney in the past real bad and I was determined not to go down that road again. Terryn immediately put me at ease regarding ever aspect of my case. When she left I knew I wanted to hire her ASAP! I remember feeling like I could breathe again finally after dealing with so much stress for so long.

    Many attorneys don't come to the jail to see their clients after they get their money but I respected the fact that Terryn was very passionate about her job and wasn't all about getting a few more dollars out of my pocket. She came to see me plenty of times at the jail and when she did she stayed for a good amount of time- 2-4 hours per visit wasn't unusual. She is very thorough when doing her investigation and I love how creative she can be. Also, Terryn commands respect when she goes into the court room as the judges really like her, and other lawyers have a great deal of respect for her too. Terryn does not hide the fact that she has only been a defense attorney for a few years because she is very confident in her abilities. She was a prosecutor for 10 years and was a beast at that time too!

    If you ask me you can't lose by going with Terryn. SHE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU IN YOUR CASE!!! She knows the law and isn't afraid to step on some toes for her clients which is very respectable in my book. When it comes to strategy she is FIRE!!! I don't think any attorney out there can tough her! She puts in motions and wins them when other attorneys would tell me there was no way of winning that very same motion!

    Don't take advice from someone who hired the very first attorney they spoke to. Do what you want but think about this.... Why put yourself through all the stress when I have already done all the work for you. I'm just trying to share it with you to save you time and money which you would waste on the wrong attorney and NOT get back.

    Am I telling you that Terryn is the only good attorney in Tampa? Not at all. There are attorneys out there who you can pay $150,000 to just so you can have a high profile attorney on your case, but why unless you just have the money to throw away? They are good attorneys but they are not the best. I think the best attorney is the one who can match any powerhouse attorney's abilities while charging a much more reasonable price.Terryn is the diamond in the rough. She will do the same job as any high profile attorney if not better, and she will do it for a very reasonable price which I assure you at the end you will say was well worth it! She is and always will be my high profile attorney! When going through these trials in our lives we like to GAIN our freedom and KEEP our freedom. Terryn helped me gain my freedom, and though I thank God, I thank Terryn too because He used her as His vessel to bring forth that blessing which He decided to bestow upon me. After several years of being incarcerated after another attorney gave me bad legal advice... Terryn really made things happen quickly and now I am back to enjoying my freedom once again.