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Regina Powers Hunter

Regina Hunter’s Legal Guides

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  • Shared custody - can I move out of state?

    Tampa, Florida Family attorney discusses various factors determining the outcome in obtaining child custody. The video addresses the issue of moving out of state and shared custody.

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  • How Do I Get The Divorce Process Started

    Tampa, Florida family law attorney Regina Hunter explains the initial steps on getting the divorce procces started.

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  • I Can't Afford to Support Myself

    Tampa, Florida Familt attorney discusses stratgies to financially support yourself, while enduring the divorce process.

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  • The Difference BetweenTime-Sharing & Custody

    The Difference BetweenTime-Sharing Custody By: Regina Hunter September 18, 2012 As of October 1, 2008 Florida changed parental custody and implemented parental Time-Sharing vs. Custody. This change was put into effect with the intention of promoting co-pare...

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