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Neelofer Syed

Neelofer Syed’s Legal Guides

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  • OCI And PIO Cards For Indian Nationals

    The topic of OCI or PIO becomes relevant once an Indian citizen acquires the citizenship of another country. This article is for general information and specific questions or/about unusual issues should be directed to the Indian Consulates in US. India does not allow dual citize...

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  • Citizenship Application, Some Pitfalls to Avoid.

    It is common knowledge that if one is not a U.S. citizen by birth one can become U.S. citizen through the process of naturalization. The process of naturalization and the application form itself may appear simple to some people, but if you are unaware of certain legalities you m...

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  • VAWA Cancellation of Removal

    The criteria of relief,Cancellation of Removal, for victims of domestic violence is very different than what I have described in previous guide covering the topic for non legal permanent residents. The Cancellation of Removal for victims of domestic violence is termed as VAWA Can...

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  • Battered Spouse Petition For Men and Women Alike

    In this guide I will write about the immigration relief for persons who are victims of abuse and cruelty at the hands of their U.S citizen or LPR spouses or parents. Such victims can self petition for themselves as Battered spouse/child and eventually get their green cards, if t...

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    Cancellation of Removal, as the term itself suggest is a form of relief available to an Alien in Removal Proceedings upon meeting certain standards set for the grant of such relief. Cancellation of Removal is available to both Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs)/Green Card Holders...

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