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Tonald Edmund Spinks

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  • Disabled employee work requirements

    I am a dissabled veteran (70%). I had two episodes of sleeping/ dizziness due to changes in my medication. I notified my employer of the risk of the medication prior to any episode. My health status changed and I notified my employer of my stat...

    Tonald’s Answer

    The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA requires an employer with 15 or more employees to provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, unless it would cause undue hardship. A reasonable accommodation is any change in the work environment or in the way a job is performed that enables a person with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. You are required to request a reasonable accommodation from your employer and still must be able to perform the essential functions of your job. A part-time or modified work schedule is a reasonable accommodation that may be needed by someone who requires active treatment or whose stamina is limited due to their disability or medication. If you have questions regarding reasonable accommodations for a change in medication under the ADA standards check with your HR department for additional information. Thank you for your service to our contry.
    Semper Fi,
    Ed Spinks

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