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Marshall C Deason Jr.

Marshall Deason’s Legal Guides

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  • Franchises in Florida

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines a franchise as a continuing business relationship in which three elements exist:1) The distribution of goods or services associated with the franchisors trademark; 2) The exercise of significant control over, or the giving of significant...

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  • Types of Deeds in Florida

    There are three general types of deeds in Florida: the statutory warranty deed; the special warranty deed, and the quit claim deed. All three deeds can effectively convey title to real estate. The difference between the three types is the warranty that the grantor gives in the deed.

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  • Florida Business Entities

    There are several ways that you can organize your business in Florida. No one type or organization is best for all businesses. You should consult with your lawyer to find the type of business entity that is right for your business.

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  • Quiet Title Actions in Florida

    An action to quiet title is a law suit to confirm the title of the plaintiff in a particular piece of real property. Anyone who might have an interest in the property should be joined as a party defendant in the suit. If it is possible that children might have some interest or ...

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  • Life Estates and Lady Bird Deeds

    "Lady Bird Deed" is a name sometimes used by real estate lawyers for a deed which creates an enhanced life estate. To understand how it is used in Florida, you have to understand life estates. The complete ownership of a parcel of land is called the "fee simple." Sometimes fee...

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  • What a Buyer Should Look for in a Contract to Buy a House

    Spelling Make sure that all of the names are spelled correctly. Description of the Property Make sure that the contract contains both the street address and an accurate legal description of the prop

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  • How to Deal with Real Estate Brokers

    Commissions Real estate brokers and agents get paid a commission based on the amount that a buyer pays for a house. It is in the best financial interest of the broker to get the buyer to buy the mos

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  • How to Avoid Commiting Mortgage Fraud

    Do Not Lie Do not lie on a mortgage application. Answer all of the questions truthfully. If your mortgage broker tells you that "everybody stretches the truth on mortgage applications," do not beli

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  • Steps in Getting a Mortgage to Buy a Home

    Pre-qualification and Pre-approval Before starting to look at houses, many people meet with a mortgage broker or mortgage lender to "pre-qualify" or obtain a "pre-approval." In the pre-qualification

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