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Maj Vasigh

About Maj Vasigh

About me

I practice 100% exclusively criminal defense, exclusively in Hillsborough County. Why is that important? We believe in doing one thing, really well.


I look at the legal world similarly to the medical world. Any kind of doctor is a doctor and any kind of lawyer is a lawyer. But if you broke your leg you wouldn't hire an eye doctor who also works on feet to teat your leg, right? When facing a criminal charge, your freedom and future is at stake and you should want to hire the attorney who devotes 100% of his time, research, business, and focus on the area of the law to help you in your time of need.


Additionally, we practice exclusively in Hillsborough County Courts. Unless there is a unique/interesting legal issue involved or a personal reason to take on a case pro bono (such as a veteran battling PTSD), I only work iin Hillsborough County. This means that I know what judges want, what procedures to follow, and who the right people are to talk to in an effort to resolve your case quickly and effectively. 


What we provide to our clients, above all, is confidence and peace of mind.

That's what makes us not only well liked, but successful for our clients. Our goal is to get our clients out of trouble, but also to keep them out of trouble and get them back on track and back to normal. After the resolution of their cases, we don't want our clients to come see us again as a defendant, but a friend, giving us an update on how well their lives are going. We don't have a "frequent flyer program," nor do we intend to start one anytime soon. 


I am regularly hired by other attorneys when they need criminal or traffic related help and am considred to be one of THE Tampa Criminal Attorneys. I am eager to get to work for you.



I live in South Tampa with my wife and two dogs. I enjoy BBQ and a small batch bourbon on the weekends :)


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