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Dina Mayling Sheridan

Dina Sheridan’s Answers

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  • Federal Employment question? non adjudicated 3rd degree felony

    I recently was hired at by the U.S Government and now I have to fill out my hiring papers and I have to answer this. your answers should include convictions resulting from a plea of nolo contendere (no contest), but omit (4) any conviction se...

    Dina’s Answer

    I have had many prospective clients tell me, after being rejected for a job, that they did not list prior crimes because adjudication was withheld or they otherwise believed that they were being honest on their applications when they said they had no convictions. Most employers can forgive prior indiscretions...what they cannot forgive is dishonesty. In other words, they often don't care what you did; they care if you lie about it. List your priors and give a short explanation of your plea and sentence as best you can, if the form provides space for an explanation. Simple online searches by employers will give them the information anyway so I always advise clients to be honest.

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  • Wrongfully given a DUI. I don't drink. I was harrassed by police. They won't reopen the case. what can I do?

    I can't believe they did this to me. About 6 years ago I was visiting family in Utah from Georgia and ran to the store for a friend at 7am. I was rusty on driving a stick shift and made the left turn a tad to fast and somehow highcenterd the car o...

    Dina’s Answer

    You should consult with an attorney in your state regarding possibly filing a Motion to Vacate any sentence they may have imposed and attempt to remove the charge from your record. According to what you have stated, the legal actions by the police at the time of the stop were inappropriate by Florida standards and laws but because I am not licensed in your state, I cannot provide you any specific legal advise on that issue. You should meet with an attorney who can take you to the next step and attempt to clear your record.

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