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Lemonade out of Lemons

Case Conclusion Date: 12.03.2010

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: $350,000

Description: Having exhausted all reasonable efforts to resolve the claim and obtaining an offer from the insurance company of less than $15,000, S.R. and his attorney decided to partner with Mr. Barnes in order to obtain the full available policy limits of $350,000. Knowing that S.R. was reluctant to undergo shoulder surgery, and knowing that S.R.'s out of pocket medical bills totaled less than $18,000, Mr. Barnes was forced to advance a theory of damages other than simple past and future medical bills. As a result, Mr. Barnes secured the services of an expert economist to analyze the net losses to S.R.'s restaurant resulting from his loss of productivity and hands on involvement due to his injuries. Though the analysis was intensive and required review of thousands of pages of business documents, Mr. Barnes was able to establish a significant and ongoing impairment to the profit's of S.R.'s restaurant since the automobile accident. Of course prior to the forensic analysis of S.R.'s business, the insurance company, despite their own record profits, blamed S.R.'s loss of profits on the economy. As a result, Mr. Barnes was able to secure a recovery for the full limits of $350,000 despite the fact that the plaintiff's only apparent injury was a non surgical shoulder impingement that the insurance company claimed to be an arthritic condition. By rolling up his sleeves, employing good old fashion hard work and a little legal creativity, Mr. Barnes was able to secure a recovery of nearly 25 times the settlement offer when the case was referred to him.

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