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Richard Henry Maney

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  • I am a future Navy sailor seeking to marry my girlfriend of three years she is an illegal immigrant turning 18 after my bootcamp

    What process should i follow to help her live a better life here in america, i will be in the military march 7th and she will be 18 on may 14th of 2013. Her father paid for her to be brought here at the age of six. I want her here legally and to b...

    Richard’s Answer

    Assuming she entered illegally, you could get married once she is 18 and be sure to have her return home prior to her 18th birthday and 180 days (not six months). You could petition for her as soon as you were married. If done properly, she would only have to be away for a few months before she would return with her conditional residence visa. Another interesting option is that she appears to qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which could be used in combination with the Immediate Relative Petition. If her DACA were approved, she would not accrue unlawful presence.

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