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Philip S Wartenberg

Philip Wartenberg’s Answers

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  • I went to court in 2010 and my exes account wasn't set up yet. I paid her $1779.5 That I want credited to this account.

    How do I go about doing this seeing I am settling the arrears and have no more child support owed to my ex.

    Philip’s Answer

    I will try my best to answer this with the information you have provided. You state you are settling the arrears. One option would be to file a motion with the court to have either the judge or child support hearing officer enter something declaring your child support to be fully paid with no remaining arrearages. Another option would be to pursue a joint stipulation with your ex-partner, where she acknowledges that you are fully paid up on child support and that your obligation to pay child support has terminated. That joint stipulation could be submitted to either the judge or hearing officer. Whichever way you choose to pursue this, you are probably going to get it accomplished quicker with an attorney helping you, and you will have the assurance that it will get done properly.

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