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Miracle required and granted

Case Conclusion Date: 07.23.2012

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Lawful permanent residence granted

Description: My client was a legal entrant from another country who wanted to get a green card with his USC wife. One problem -- he was involved in a marriage fraud case in the 1990s. This generally means no future options in a case, but my client assured me this was a misunderstanding and would be cleared up. I had no idea how someone could be an innocent involved in a marriage fraud case, but my client assured me his employer had done this without him knowing. Imagine my surprise when the A file showed he was evaluated for deportation at the time of the event and was found to be innocent. NOT "not guilty." but innocent. This unusual note was accompanied by a notation that my client should never be barred from the US as someone who committed marriage fraud. To my great pleasure the US government is keeping its promise and my client's green card will be issued shortly.

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