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A regular marriage case

Case Conclusion Date: 12.08.2010

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Permanent Residence Granted!

Description: My client called me and scheduled an appointment. He was a US citizen who wished to apply for his foreign wife's green card. His wife was a native and citizen of Argentina who last entered the US some six years ago on a vacation visa. It was a first marriage for both and the alien had no criminal complications. Also, although the alien worked, she submitted her tax returns every year. I met my clients and had them complete questionnaires. These gave me the information I needed to complete their forms. I sent my clients to gather the needed documents while my ace assistant completed their forms. Three days later we submitted the application to CIS. My clients received their receipt notices with two weeks, their fingerprint notice within one month, and their final interview within four months. Prior to the final interview with CIS. I met with and prepared my clients. On the day of the interview, I attended the meeting to make sure my clients were treated properly (nicely). My clients met and impressed the officer with their case and my alien client that day became a resident of the US.

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