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Leslie Miller Sammis

Leslie Sammis’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Apply For Early Termination of Probation, Community Control or House Arrest in Florida

    If you are on probation, community control or house arrest, consider hiring an attorney to file a petition to terminate probation, community control or house arrest early. If you are successful, you can avoid any possibility of a future violation of probation allegation.

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  • How to Undo a Florida Five Year Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Suspension

    If you have received notice of a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender suspension from the DMV you must act quickly to contest the suspension. An experienced Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney that can file a post-conviction motion to help you get your HTO suspension removed.

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  • How to Get Your Property Back - Asset Forfeiture and Vehicle Forfeiture Cases in Florida

    Hire an Florida Forfeiture Attorney to File for an Adverse Preliminary Hearing After receiving a notice of seizure and forfeiture you must take action quickly to preserve all of your rights. You can

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  • The Impact a Florida DUI Conviction on Your Auto Insurance Premiums- The New FR-44 Form

    The New FR-44 Requirement After A Florida DUI Conviction The State of Florida has just increase the amount a DUI conviction will cost you by passage of the new FR-44 requirement under Florida Statute

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