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Leslie Miller Sammis

About Leslie Sammis

About me

DUI Attorney in Tampa, FL


I represent clients charged with DUI and other serious driving offenses throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. For the past 14 years, my career has been focused exclusively on fighting to protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes.


For the past five years, our offices have been located in downtown Tampa, FL, just blocks from the courthouse.


I am a member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), the largest and most trusted legal organization for DUI attorneys. I am also proud to be a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), its Florida affiliate (FACDL) and the NORML National Legal Committee that fights for the reform of marijuana laws throughout the country.


Background and Education


I graduated from the University of Florida College of Law with Honors in 1999. I have completed internships with the State Attorney's Office working with prosecutors in state court, the U.S. Attorney's Office working with prosecutors at the federal level, and with a U.S. District Court Judge for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.


After law school, my passion for trial advocacy lead me to the public defender's office in Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit. At the public defender's office I was quickly promoted from the misdemeanor division to juvenile court and then to a felony divirsion of Circuit Court where I gained valuable trial experience.


I entered private practice in 2002 when I went to work at Head, Thomas, Webb and Willis, the largest DUI defense firm in Atlanta, GA. After moving back to Tampa, I opened my own practice in 2008 with my husband, Jason Sammis. Our firm, the Sammis Law Firm, P.A., is focused exclusively on criminal defense.


We take a scholarly approach to criminal defense by filing and litigating all viable motions to suppress and motions to dismiss the criminal charges. When the prosecutor is not willing to resolve the case for the best possible result for our client, then we are experienced in taking difficult cases to trial.


DUI Attorney for Tampa and Plant City, Hillsborough County, FL


I focus on serious driving offenses, including drunk driving or DUI cases from a first time DUI refusal case to felony DUI with serious bodily injury. Serious driving offenses can also include felony or misdemeanor driving while license suspended or revoked, reckless driving, fleeing and eluding and leaving the scene of an accident.


I also represent clients who have been deemed by the State of Florida to be Habitual Traffic Offender who receive a five (5) year habitual traffic offender revocation. By filing and litigating post-conviction motions to vacate or set aside the underlying convictions, I have been able to help many client each month lift the five year revocation.


Contact Us


If you are interested in speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Hillborough County, Florida, call the Sammis Law Firm, P.A., at 813-250-0500 to speak with me directly about your case.

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